Product design and manufacture

Lutikalai designs exclusive and market oriented products, hand-made and produced at our in-house facilities or outsourced through our produced network.

Special packaging, labeling and ticketing

Lutikalai can assist in designs and production of special gift packaging, labeling, and ticketing for your product.

Quality control

If you already work with your own Indonesian producers but can't keep track of quality from back home, Lutikalai has a team of inspectors qualified to carry out inspections on your behalf and provide you with valuable feedback, updates and reports.


If you're ordering product from several different producers and need help with consolidating and storing the orders until your container is ready to leave, Lutikalai can help you by collecting orders and storing the product until the order is fully consolidated and ready to go.

Shipping & warehousing

Lutikalai has its own warehousing facility and in-house shipping department. Ship to where you want it, how you want it. Stuffing of your container can be done on-site at our warehouse to avoid unnecessary trucking and handling of your products.

Terms and conditions

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